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Performance management

Our experience working with business leaders and SMEs has shown that the development, implementation, and sustainability of performance management systems prove extremely problematic.  This is of significance for those leaders seeking to deliver their Highest & Best effort in support of business growth.

In our view some of the main problems with performance management systems would include: 

  • Overly onerous measurement requirements
  • Methods which attempt to over-specify how a job should be performed robbing the individual of real accountability
  • Insufficient links between business objectives and individual performance
  • Little clarity about the most appropriate performance measures

At Matrix we aim to provide a packaged “tailored” performance management process which avoids almost all of the pitfalls and complexities of typical systems AND which promotes Highest & Best behaviour at all management levels.  Our process may also provide a unique way to define and identify talent which in turn supports succession planning – a critical Highest & Best activity.  Contact us to find out how our performance management systems can add real value to your business.