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"Our purpose is to help business leaders create and deliver ambitious plans for growth."
Matrix Business Growth Consultants

Developing the management team

One of the most important lessons business leaders ever learn is that they can’t do it all themselves.  In order to deliver your own “highest and best” for the business, you need to step back and devote more of your efforts to higher value, more strategic activity.

It is our experience that many emerging leaders fail to make this transition because they haven’t devoted sufficient attention to building a strong management team in whom they can have confidence to deliver required operational and short-term results.  Given the critical importance of this task, much of our work at Matrix is devoted to helping leaders find and grow management talent.  As well as psychometric and 360° profiling, we have developed a unique set of assessment and coaching methods aimed at identifying and developing  individuals with strong commercial skills and who have the potential to deliver much more for the business.  Contact us to find out how we can help you grow your management team.

"The Matrix Owner/Manager Programme is the best course I've ever been on

 - a must for any company wishing to achieve more effective growth."

Michael McKillop, MD Glens of Antrim Potatoes