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Matrix was formed in 1989 to support the leaders of ambitious Scottish companies.    Over the past 20 plus years we have been at the leading edge of organisational development for SMEs.  In that time, like all businesses, we have changed and developed with a number of significant milestones on the way.

1989 saw the launch of Breakthrough, the first Director Development programme for Scottish business leaders.  In this year, Matrix, at that time based in East Kilbride, began working with the Scottish Development Agency to deliver a number of business growth initiatives.  This relationship has thrived and we are delighted to continue to support the successor to the SDA in Scottish Enterprise.

In 1997, now based in Glasgow city-centre we became the first Scottish consultancy to be accredited to use the creativity and innovation methods of Dr Edward de Bono.  Innovation has since become a strong element of our support for growing companies.

In 1998 we carried out a joint venture with Lloyds TSB to deliver a leadership development programme – The Leadership Matrix – to Lloyd’s existing and potential clients.

Our innovation practice was strengthened significantly in 2002 when we became the first consultancy outside the United States to be licensed to deliver Jump Start programme from one of the world’s leading innovation facilities, Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Jump Start programmes continue to be an important element of our portfolio of support for clients.

In 2004 we worked with Strathclyde University to undertake research into measuring the Impact of leadership development. The findings from this work and other research led us to develop the “Highest and Best” approach to leadership development. This provides a measurable approach to assessing changes in leadership effectiveness within growing companies.

In 2007 Matrix began trading for the first time in Northern Ireland working on two significant business growth and leadership programmes for a Government agency and a local authority.

In 2008 we carried out research with leaders of growing companies to identify their views on their leadership and business development challenges.

In 2010 we moved to our current offices in Charing Cross, Glasgow and we have recently been successful in renewing a number of significant framework agreement contracts with Scottish Enterprise.