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North Down Borough Council – Masterclass and Mentoring Programme –

Matrix was commissioned in September 2006 to deliver the SIGNAL Masterclass and Mentoring Programme for North Down SMEs.  The programme consisted of five strategic Masterclass themes, with a mentoring programme to help participants identify and implement key changes. Participants were small and medium sized businesses from around the North Down area.  A number of sectors were represented amongst the 15 participating companies including publishing, professional services, leisure, and industrial. Signal Programme were:

1. Sales skills/marketing
2. Finance/profitability/costing
3. Business performance improvement
4. Human resource management
5. General management/personal skills

Each theme was delivered through a short series of masterclass workshops and through a programme of in-company mentoring sessions.   The purpose of the programme was to help participants find new practical ways to grow their business.
A key thrust of the Masterclass & Mentoring Programme was to help companies think and act more strategically and hence increase their chances of sustainable growth.